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"Universitas Press Ranking" is continued by the Social Communication Research Group at Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology.

More about Universitas Press Ranking and the first decade of Hungarian rankings, 2001-2011 (history, methodology and perspectives):

2012.05.18: The Future of PhD training / A doktori képzés jövője | Deputy Secretary of State Norbert Kiss and Government Commissioner András Gál were co-participants of the panel discussion - held in the conference of the National Association of PhD Students in the city of Győr - where I spoke about the responsibility of university professors instead of my habitual ramblings on governmental actions. Since there is no higher education policy messed up enough that can take the blame for the loss of quality and being nonchalant about professional standards.

2012.05.11. Pázmány Day / Pázmány Nap |

Inauguration of honorary doctors - including Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht - on the ceremony of ELTE.

Academician Anna Erdei's scientific lecture on immunology.

2012. 04.27. Financial culture into school and pedagogue training! / Pénzügyi kultúrát az iskolai oktatásba! | A cooperation agreement had been signed between ELTE's Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology and the National Savings Bank's (OTP) Fáy András Foundation aiming to launch the tuition of financial studies in pedagogue advanced trainings. As an output this initiative will perhaps decrease the chance of a new "foreign currency loan nightmare"...

2012. 04. 22-23 Knowledge Festival - Science Café series / Tudományfesztivál – TudásPresszó sorozat |

We held eight Science Cafés on the second Science Festival, covering topics from atomphysics through financial politics till architecture. 


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Dr. habil Fábri György
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science communication, sociology of higher education, social communication, political-philosophy

  • Theory and sociology of science - Special College BA course
  • The ideology and social psychology in the codification of constitutions - Doctoral Course
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